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Better than ChatGPT

PentaCue offers not just answers, but auditable, transparent ones. With a focus on Corporate filings, it surpasses ChatGPT's scope, ensuring high-quality responses backed by the latest data.

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We Go Beyond ChatGPT's Reach

Unlike ChatGPT, PentaCue offers real-time access to the latest SEC filings. Stay ahead of the curve with the most current and relevant financial data at your fingertips. This feature ensures that the insights you receive are not only accurate but also incredibly timely, giving you a competitive edge in financial research.

Paragraph-Level Citations

Achieve unparalleled clarity in navigating complex financial data. Our tool doesn't just guide you to the right answers, it takes you to the specific paragraphs across multiple documents that form the basis of these insights. This level of detail in citations ensures a deeper understanding and trust in the information provided.

Multi-Document Insight Extraction

PentaCue isn't limited to single document analysis. It can simultaneously scrutinize multiple documents, offering a breadth of comprehensive insights. This ability enables users to make deep comparisons and contrasts, extracting valuable information that is often missed in isolated analysis.

AI Algorithm Transparency

We reveal the reasoning behind each response, offering a transparent view of the algorithm's process. This feature not only deepens your understanding but also allows for easy verification of each insight, ensuring your financial decisions are well-informed and reliable.

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  • Paragraph-Level Citations
  • Up to Date S&P 500 Annual Filings
  • Unlimited Queries
  • Search and Analysis Across Selected Filings
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  • Real-Time Corporate Filings Data Feed
  • Financial Anomalies Alerts
  • Automated Risk Alerts
  • Custom Workflows and Alerts
  • Complete International Corporate Filings and Earnings Calls Dataset
  • Search and Analysis Across the Entire Dataset
  • Integrations
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How does PentaCue enhance the analysis of SEC filings compared to ChatGPT?

PentaCue is specifically tailored for SEC filings, providing in-depth, up-to-date insights that go beyond ChatGPT's capabilities. It accesses the latest EDGAR data, offering more precise and relevant financial information, and includes features like paragraph-level citations and multi-document insight extraction for comprehensive analysis.

How current is the information provided by PentaCue?

PentaCue offers close to real-time access to the latest SEC filings, ensuring that the information you receive is not only accurate but incredibly timely. This gives users a significant advantage in their financial research, allowing them to stay ahead with the most current data available.

Can I rely on the answers provided by PentaCue for my investment decisions?

PentaCue offers enhanced transparency with its algorithm, allowing users to understand and audit each response. While our tool provides in-depth insights and links to source materials for verification, it's important to note that PentaCue is not a substitute for professional investment advice. We encourage users to use PentaCue as a supplementary tool and to conduct their own due diligence or consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

What features are available in the free version of PentaCue?

The free version of PentaCue offers a robust set of features including the ability to compare up to 10 documents, paragraph-level citations for detailed analysis, access to up-to-date SEC filings, and unlimited queries. This makes it a highly valuable tool for individuals starting their financial research journey.